Luxe Suite

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What to Expect During Your Visit

Start off your LUXE SUITE experience with a complimentary beverage and treat from the beverage bar. Then consult with me to discover your best design options.

For Women

  • Hair Wash With a Relaxing Scalp Massage
  • Signature Hair Design

  • Finishing With a Blowout Style

For Men

  • Hair Wash With a Relaxing Scalp Massage
  • Signature Hair Design

  • Hot Steam Towel to Remove Hair Clippings
  • Style Finishing

Dimensional and specialty technical design services include a complimentary deep conditioning to ensure optimal results for your hair color.

Salon Services and Rates

Hair Design

  • For Women - $50
  • Bang Shaping - $20
  • For Men - $40
  • Tune-Up - $15 (Includes Clean-Up of Perimeter Line, Trimming of Brows, Sideburns, and Hair Around Ears)
  • Package of Three - $112
  • Year of Grooming Package - $420

Technical Services*

  • Single Process - $65+
  • High Lighting - $85+
  • Dimensional - $95+

  • Specialty Color Design - $110+
  •  Brow Tint - $20
  •  Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments $80 to $300+ 

*Additional charges may be applied for extra time and product usage.


  • Blowout - $35
  • Ironworks for Thermal Styling - $10
  • Down Style - $45

  • Up Style - $65
  • Add-On Ironworks and Additional Charges of Wash or Drying 


  • Brows, Lips or Chin - $15
  • All Three - $40

  • Full Face - $50


I am a certified hair extensionist, currently using Cinderella Hair extensions. My pricing for this service will be based on the amount and length of hair required plus the amount of time it takes to perform application. Signature design and style are included with your hair extension application.

Please call to book a consultation appointment so that I could determine the extension style and budget that are right for you.

Deep Conditioning

  • Flow Instant Intensity (30-Second Treatment) 
    • Add-On to Any Service - $15

  • Paul Mitchell Deep Conditioning System
    • Add-On Service - $35
  • Treatment Plus Blowout - $60

Hydratriplex Treatment

Revive dry, frizzy hair with a rich concentrated blend of amino acids, vegetable proteins, and nourishing oils. Formulated to hydrate, bind and seal every cuticle for a long lasting, silky-smooth feel.

Keratriplex Treatment

A two-step system that delivers a premium blend of proteins, virtually identical to the Keratin found in human hair. Repairs and transforms, fine, fragile and chemically damaged hair.

Premium Hair Care Products

To ensure that all my clients’ hair is properly maintained even after they leave my salon, I use products from the following trusted brands.

  • Flow
  • amika
  • Reuzel
  • Cinderella Hair
  • Keratin Complex

Gift Certificates Are Available

Luxe Suite Salon Policies

To ensure maximum and efficient booking for all Luxe Suite guests, please allow 24-hour cancellation notice for Hair Design appointments, and 48-hour cancellation notice for Technical Service appointments. 

Your children are always welcome if they have a reservation, however please be sure they would be properly supervised if they accompany you to your appointment. Thank you.

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